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Working with Ohanyan's Artisan Crafted Meats was a dream come true for us at Octane. These guys know how to make some seriously delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavored meats, like their famous Bastirma and Soujouk. We couldn't wait to sink our teeth into this project (pun intended).

First up, we tackled their logo and brand platform. We wanted to create something that felt authentic and reflected the company's heritage and commitment to quality. We went with a new color palette and style guide that was inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean and Middle East. The result was a logo that was bold, colorful, full of personality and a touch of history.

Next, we tackled their product packaging. We wanted to make sure that the packaging was as delicious looking as the product inside. We used custom photography and food styling to capture the essence of the meat and the flavors it embodies. The packaging was a true reflection of the quality and care that goes into every Ohanyan's Artisan Crafted Meats product.

But we didn't stop there. We also redesigned their website, vehicles, and outdoor signage to reflect the new brand platform. We wanted to make sure that customers could easily find Ohanyan's Artisan Crafted Meats and that they knew exactly what they were getting when they did.

Finally, we tackled social media. We created a custom social media campaign that featured mouth-watering photos of the meat in action, as well as engaging content that invited customers to join the Ohanyan's Artisan Crafted Meats family.

In the end, our work with Ohanyan's Artisan Crafted Meats helped them establish themselves as a leader in the mediterranean and middle eastern artisan meat market. The new brand platform and packaging helped them stand out on shelves, while the website and social media campaigns drove new customers to their door. We were proud to be a part of the Ohanyan's Artisan Crafted Meats journey, and we can't wait to see what they cook up next!


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