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Client: Journey Vitamins

Project: Rebranding and Marketing Platform


Journey Vitamins is a company in the bariatric and women's health industry that offers high-quality vitamin supplements. They approached our Octane team with the goal of rebranding their company and creating a new marketing platform to make their product more appealing and energetic to their target audience.


The main objective of the project was to develop a fresh and vibrant brand identity for Journey Vitamins that would resonate with their target market. The client wanted their brand to reflect a sense of energy and innovation, while also emphasizing the importance of health and wellness


1. Brand Identity:

We started by conducting extensive research on the bariatric and women's health industry, as well as the target audience of Journey Vitamins. Based on our findings, we developed a brand identity that would align with the client's goals. We created a new logo that incorporated vibrant colors, modern typography, and a dynamic symbol to represent energy and movement.

2. Packaging Design:

To make the product visually appealing, we designed new packaging that showcased the brand's energy and vitality. We used bold colors and graphics to create a sense of excitement and differentiation in the market. The packaging also featured clear and concise messaging to communicate the benefits and features of the vitamins.

3. Marketing Platform:

In order to reach the target audience effectively, we developed a comprehensive marketing platform for Journey Vitamins. This included a new website that was visually engaging and user-friendly, as well as social media campaigns, email marketing, and targeted advertising. We focused on creating compelling content that highlighted the benefits of the vitamins and connected with the audience on an emotional level.


The rebranding and marketing efforts for Journey Vitamins were highly successful. The new brand identity and packaging design helped the company stand out in the market and attract more customers. The marketing platform generated increased engagement and sales, as well as positive feedback from the target audience. The energetic and interesting look of the product resonated well with the bariatric and women's health industry, positioning Journey Vitamins as a trusted and innovative brand.


Through a strategic rebranding and the development of a dynamic marketing platform, we were able to transform Journey Vitamins into a vibrant and appealing brand in the bariatric and women's health industry. The project successfully captured the essence of energy and innovation while effectively targeting the desired audience. The client was pleased with the results, and the rebranding efforts contributed to the overall growth and success of Journey Vitamins.

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